Present:  G. Willcox (Chair), J. Gane, D. Creed, M. Heal, A. Creed and five parishoners.

Apologies:  T. Holley.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed.

Public Speaking-time.

Two parishoners expressed their concerns for:-

a.  Severe flooding at The Dingle in December 2023 and January 2024.    They have written to several agencies and attended a meeting at Shepton Mallet to no avail.  Their Home Insurance has greatly increased as a result.

After discussion a solution was discussed - to put a drain in Cllr J. Gane's field to which he gave his permission.  This would require closure of the A361 and a 278 licence.  Speakers to make further enquiries.

b.  Complaint re development occuring in the vicinity of Steanbow (caravans, a barn intended for lambing) and caravans being lived-in in the Appletree Inn Car park which although both they and the parish council have reported to Somerset Council has not been resolved.

Correspondence - circulated.

Finance - AGAR (Annual Governance and Accountability Return) and Accounts.  All presented for approval and signature (Certificate of Exemption, Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statements).

As per Minutes Annual Parish and Parish Council Meeting 08.04.24 new Internal Auditor Mr. J. Norris has been appointed.  Dr J. Matthews is in hospital.

Mr, Norris will be signing off the Annual Internal Audit Report 2023/24 on 09.04.24.

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return for accounts ended 31st March 2024 will be posted on 31.05.24.

All the above will be at and on the Parish Council Noticeboard at the village hall.


Erection of Replacement Agricultural Building for Storage, Administration and Processing of Produce (Retrospective)/Land at 356625 138135 Down Lane/Planning Ref 2024/0309/FUL.

It was Proposed, Seconded and Passed Recommend Approval.

There being no further business the meeting was closed.